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Music, dance and general performances were important ways to express Hispanic/Latino cultures. Many community members participated in cultural activities to maintain ties with their cultures and share their arts with the community.

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Los Tainos Senior Citizens Program - This was an organization initially started by a group of Seniors who implemented influential ideas in regard to Senior Services, Housing and Benefits. Anna Cotton was very influential in establishing this…

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The Centro Social Mexicano on Ingham Avenue in Lackawanna, New York was constructed to provide a venue for Mexican cultural events as there was a fairly large Mexican population in Western New York. The center was built in 1940s and later became a…

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The Hispanic Conference was an event organized by New York State Puerto Rican Hispanic Conference Inc. in 1995. The sole purpose of the conference was to develop a legislative agenda (social, political, and economic issue affecting Latinos) on behalf…

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The Western New York Hispanic American Veterans Memorial, Inc constructed one of three other statues in the entire United States solely dedicated to Hispanic American veterans. The committee chose to construct it at the Buffalo Naval and Military…

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The Puerto Rican Parade originated at the Immaculate Conception Church on Virginia Street 1974. The parade continued over the years and became a large scale community event. Participants would work on floats, costumes, and performance routines for…

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The Puerto Rican Chicano Committee was formed by a group of university students who were active within the community in 1973. These students were looking for ways to support the community through various social services. They provided services in the…

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Mina and Ned, prominent community members: marriage photograph and recent photograph.

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During World War II, women occupied the jobs that men who were fighting in the war once took. Mercedes "Bessie" Mendez was one of the women in the community who worked at Bethlehem Steel during the war. Once the war ended, the men returned to the…

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Serenata Latina was a Spanish language radio show broadcasted through WBFO. The program hosts were students from the University at Buffalo.

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