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Smitty Kovacs and Francisco “Pancho” Gonzalez Mariachi Band – Playing at the Spanish American Welfare Association on Ridge Road, Lackawanna
The Spanish American Welfare Association was an organization established by the Spanish community to be a place where the community could hold events and gather in unity.
Centro Social Mexicano Breaks Ground on Ingham Avenue in Lackawanna, New York
Members Spanish American Welfare Association (SAWA), in 1919, Marcos Gomez immigrated from Spain to America, and he later help found the SAWA. The group purchased a building on Ridge Road for its meetings and events in 1924. The site was the former…
Moises Mendez, Member Spanish-American Welfare Club – Ridge Road in Lackawanna, NY
Junta Patriotica Mexicana, Later - Centro Social Mexicano was an organization created to help families from Mexico celebrate their culture. Mexican workers filled jobs at the Bethlehem Steel Plant during the manpower shortage that occurred during the…
1st Grease Pole Climb (El Palo Encebao) at the Centro Social Puertorriqueño. Est. 1969, 261 Swan Street, Buffalo, NY 14204, Today known as the oldest ethnic festival in WNY, celebrated every year in the month of July on the grounds of Pucho…
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