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Smitty Kovacs and Francisco “Pancho” Gonzalez Mariachi Band – Playing at the Spanish American Welfare Association on Ridge Road, Lackawanna
The Spanish American Welfare Association was an organization established by the Spanish community to be a place where the community could hold events and gather in unity.
El Buen Gusto Restaurant 381 Michigan St. Buffalo, NY, one of the first Spanish American Restaurants in Buffalo, NY. Pictured: Dolores Sanabria, Josephine Comas, Candida Ramirez, Joaquina Basilly, Francis Ortiz.
Dennis Gorski (Erie County Executive) and Otilia Russi – At an area Hispanic Festival
Ricardo Estrada takes oath of Office Lackawanna City Council, 1997 – Elsie Pacheco Estrada (mother holds bible)
Lino and Natividad Reyes, in the arms daughter Myrna.
Ralph R. Hernandez takes oath of office President of Buffalo Board Of Education
Team sponsored by the Puerto Rican Community House on Swan Street, Buffalo, NY
AA Muny Baseball Team, Pedro Juan Herrera - Manager. Standing
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