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This is an episode of Hispanic Voices hosted by Gilbert Hernandez. Hispanic Veterans Memorial Committee members Carlos Benitez and José Rivera discuss the history, plans and progress of the Hispanic Veterans Memorial, the history of the Gabriel A.…


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This interview with Juventino Mejia was conducted on August 2, 2012 by Stephanie Bucalo at the Lackawanna Public Library on Ridge Road in Lackawanna, NY. Juventino was born in the state of Michoacán, México and migrated to the United States, first…

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This interview took place on July 16, 2013 at the Buffalo and Erie County Naval Park in Buffalo, NY on board the USS Little Rock. The interview was conducted by Stephanie Bucalo and accompanied by José Santos Rolón’s family and friends. José is…


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This interview with Ventura Colon was conducted by Maritza Vega on August 3, 2014. Ventura Colon arrived in Buffalo as a child in 1956. He grew up on the East Side in a predominantly Italian and Puerto Rican community. At the time, the East Side was…

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This interview with Jorge Reyes, Elba Dilecki and Johnny Sanabria took place on August 13, 2013 at their summer home in Lackawanna, NY and was conducted by Stephanie Bucalo. Jorge and Elba (Abby) are siblings and arrived in Buffalo when their father…

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In 1985, the Hispanic community decided to dedicate American Legion Post 1928 in the honor of Gabriel A. Rodriguez who served in military during Vietnam but later took his own life due to untreated PTSD. The community has always remembered Gabriel as…

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The Western New York Hispanic American Veterans Memorial, Inc constructed one of three other statues in the entire United States solely dedicated to Hispanic American veterans. The committee chose to construct it at the Buffalo Naval and Military…

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65th Infantry Regiment “The Borinqueneers” Congressional Gold Medal. H.R. 1726 Signed into Law by President Barack H. Obama in 2014 at the White House in Washington, DC.

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65th Infantry Regiment “The Borinqueneers” Congressional Gold Medal. Buffalo Native Juan B. Negron and 65th Infantry Regiment Veterans greeted by President Barack, Obama. At the White House 2014, Local Borinqueneer.Buffalo Native Juan B. Negron…

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Jose A. Santos Rolón, 65th Infantry Regiment - "The Boriqueneers". José Santos Rolón served in the Korean War and was awarded 3 Bronze Medals for his valient efforts in combat.

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