Raul Russi : Photo Album


Raul Russi : Photo Album


Raul Russi was the first Puerto Rican police officer in the City of Buffalo. He became a political activist and helped elect the first Hispanic judge in the City's history. He served as the Assistant Superintendent of the Erie County Correctional Facility and was later promoted to Superintendent. He then became the chairman of the Parole Board and the first Latino sheriff in New York City. Mayor Rudolph Giuliani nominated Raul to become the Commissioner of the Probation Board for New York City. He was then appointed as the CEO of Acacia in New York City. He then became a part of BASIC and Promesa, two New York City based non-profit organizations that focus on services in the area of health, housing, and economic development. He ran for State Assembly of the 146th District in 1983.


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