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1st Grease Pole Climb (El Palo Encebao) at the Centro Social Puertorriqueño. Est. 1969, 261 Swan Street, Buffalo, NY 14204, Today known as the oldest ethnic festival in WNY, celebrated every year in the month of July on the grounds of Pucho…

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Photograph Taken at St. Columba Roman Catholic Church on Hickory and Eagle Streets. Seated: Julia Valentin, Rosario Callado, Sylvia Rodriguez, Rafael Rodriguez, Pucho Olivencia, Msgr. Anthony Caligiuri, Judge Colucci, Sidney Harris, Pedro Maurás.…

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The 3 Kings Celebration is a large community festival taking place in January. Local organizations and/or churches organize festivities each year. Community members design costumes and decorate various venues to celebrate the arrival of the 3 Kings.

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65th Infantry Regiment “The Borinqueneers” Congressional Gold Medal. H.R. 1726 Signed into Law by President Barack H. Obama in 2014 at the White House in Washington, DC.

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65th Infantry Regiment “The Borinqueneers” Congressional Gold Medal. Buffalo Native Juan B. Negron and 65th Infantry Regiment Veterans greeted by President Barack, Obama. At the White House 2014, Local Borinqueneer.Buffalo Native Juan B. Negron…

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This interview was conducted in Cheektowaga, New York on September 14, 2012. The interview was conducted by Stephanie Bucalo. It is difficult to hear the interview sometimes because there is a bit of background noise. Agustín Olivencia, or…

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The Agustín "Pucho" Center was organized on the East Side of Buffalo. It was constructed by its own members in 1969. The center provided a venue for community events such as dances, weddings, funerals and other gatherings. The center was named after…

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This interview with Alicia Granto took place on August 26, 2013 in Buffalo, NY and was conducted by Stephanie Bucalo. Alicia was born in Cuba but later migrated with her family to Niagara Falls, NY. Alicia was fifteen years old when she first arrived…

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This interview with Alicia Portugues was conducted by Maritza Vega in Buffalo, NY. Alicia Portugues migrated to Buffalo with her family. Alicia focuses her interview on where she grew up in Buffalo and her time with at the Mexican Club.

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